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Cypress Vineyards White Zinfandel

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VINTAGE - 2012


The windswept Cypress tree, the unmistakable signature plant of California’s coastal terrain, owes its gnarled appearance to the maritime air’s persistent movement inland and seaward. The ocean’s infl uence on the Central Coast winegrowing region is signifi cant, keeping coastal and inland valleys refreshingly cool, while preserving the grape’s natural acidity and fl avor.
Temperature is critical for development of fragrance, fl avor and acidity – too little heat, and grapes rarely ripen, too much, and the acidic, delicate and endearing qualities of the grape are lost. For Cypress Vineyards White Zinfandel, the daily cooling air from the Pacific moves directly from Monterey Bay and down the Monterey appellations of the Salinas Valley, creating a White Zinfandel with delicate raspberry, strawberry and watermelon aromas, and flavors matched with a crisp acidity. Harvesting and pressing in the vineyard at night ensures the preservation of these bright fruit fl avors.

The 2012 Cypress Vineyards White Zinfandel has a vibrant pink color and bright aromas of fresh strawberries, melon, rose petal and lychee. It is deliciously refreshing in its style, with strawberry and melon fruit fl avors, crisp acidity and a hint of spritz to balance its delicate touch of sweetness. This is an ideal picnic wine that can be enjoyed with spicy Asian dishes, Caribbean cuisine or BBQ.

76%       Zinfandel
15%       Gewürztraminer
9%         Orange Muscat

Total Acidity               0.74 g/100ml
pH                               3.14
Alcohol                     11.51% by volume
Residual Sugar        1.68 g/100ml