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About USA Wines Direct

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics 2010 Wine Industry Report, Australian wineries exported just over 25.4 million cases (12 bottles) to the United States at a value of AU$627.3 million. This makes the US market Australia's second most important in volume terms (just behind the UK) and its most important in value.

In return, Australia imported a token 15,700 cases of wine from the US. Have you found any? (except those on this website)

Seven of my thirty years in the wine industry were spent living in the US importing and marketing Australian wines. During this time I made many friends in the Californian wine industry and was fortunate to have experienced a broad range of wines.

Culturally and statistically, Australia is a nation of good wine drinkers. Traditionally we have been, understandably, parochial in our wine selections. In recent times the growth in imports from countries such as New Zealand, Italy, France, Chile, Argentina and Spain indicate that Australian wine drinkers are embracing a greater choice.

USA Wines Direct evolved in the spirit of "reciprocity" with the goal of making available, a selection of quality wines that are balanced and represent fair value. Our current selection is predominantly Californian, however, it is our intention to expand the selection to include a greater selection of wines from other states.

The participating wineries have expressed commitment to our endeavours,ensuring the success of USA Wines Direct.

 Ian Lindsay - Proprietor